The Nation's Report Card is Out, Please Sign & Return it to Washington DC

National Assessment of Educational Progress results, or what is known as "the Nation's Report Card" came out today, and the results were...mixed. Math scores were up, but reading scores were marginally better, and worse in some grade categories.

Of "No Child Left Behind" and the results of the NAEP finding, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who as chairman of the Senate education committee helped the Bush Administration pass the law in 2001, called the results "encouraging," but said they would have been better "if President Bush had invested in school reform instead of investing in a failed war in Iraq."

The American Federation of Teachers congratulated its members for the improvements in math and in fourth-grade reading, but noted that "many scores were rising faster before No Child Left Behind was enacted." Fair Test, a nationwide anti-testing group, made a similar argument. The New York Times reports.


While education related it is not particularly library or information studies related.

Did you just want to get a quote from Senator Kennedy and a link to the New York Times in?

It's the war! That's also why that bridge fell down, and why that hurricane hit New Orleans! Mortgage rates, health care, 9-11, all because of Bush ...and the war! Bush lied, scores subside!

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