Staffers & Friends Remind Oregonians That They Want Their Library

TALENT (OR) Vowing that they won't let citizens or town officials forget the closed library, a group of local residents are staging a "read-in" every Thursday in front of the city complex, bringing attention to the problem and talking with residents about how it can be fixed.

At the same time, Talent's idled librarian, Laurel Prchal, holds her summer reading program for children on a blanket at the skate park across the street.

The supporters, most of them members of the Talent Friends of the Library, sit in front of the Community Center from 10 to 11 on Thursdays bringing neighbors up to date on the progress of library reopening, entertaining suggestions on strategies and sharing stories on life without libraries, said Betty Smith, who worked at the library for 35 years. Mail Tribune reports.

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