The Harry Boat is Leaking Like a Sieve


...more from the Houston Chronicle (but they're not telling what happens...)

and here's more news from the Chicago Trib of a leak lawsuit in the works, and

...finally the esteemed Michiko Kakutani's review of HP7 in the NY Times . Round-up of these stories on


I hope Bloomsbury hang them out to dry and squeeze every cent out of them.
It is very clearcut, everything from the rooms the books were being kept in must be locked etc was in the contracts to keep things secret and make it very clear as to what needed to be done and that they were NOT to send them out before the time stated. I just hope they were clever enough to put in sensible wording to be able to screw as much as possible out of them.

Mmm, maybe this is their plan for how to maintain their profits after the last book? ;)