Frank Streeter Library Sale


On BookTV, Sunday, June 24, at 7:00 PM, (Eastern time) there is a program about the Frank Streeter Library Sale.

A WWII navy veteran of the Pacific theater, Frank Streeter developed an interest in and collected early navigation, pacific voyages, cartography, and science rare books. The 88 year-old Mr. Streeter decided to sell his library at Christies in New York, but died prior to the auction. In this program we take a close look at several of the rarest and most valuable books and learn about Mr. Streeter and how a rare book auction is conducted. The 552 items from the library sold for a total of 16.5 million dollars. Featured in the program is "The Atlantic Neptune", a large four volume sea atlas of the British colonies commissioned in 1760 and 16 years in production; it was the first detailed chart of the coastal areas of North America.

Link to program info at BookTV