Maggots Falling From The Library Ceiling

YUCK!: Maggots fell from the media center (Walt Whitman School Library) ceiling May 2 during first period, landing on a student and teacher and prompting a visit from exterminators two periods later.
Assistant principal Ben OuYang, the administrator on duty, said this kind of incident has never happened before and did not pose a major problem. An exterminator who visited thoroughly inspected everything in the library and did not find any more maggots.

The incident caused disturbance among those working in the media center, including English teacher Beth Rockwell.


just ew. *shudder*

Classic denial and coverup...somethings being hidden

maggots don't fall from a ceiling for no what's above that ceiling or what or who is stashed between the ceiling and the floor above...sounds like they don't want calls from angry parents or a visit from a health just repeat "there is no problem" 1000 times! until everyone believes it's true.