Potter upheld again — Mother loses latest attempt to remove books

After losing her latest battle to keep Harry Potter books out of the classroom, a Loganville mother on Tuesday said she may start a new case in federal court.
Laura Mallory, who has challenged the use of the books in schools since 2005, said she was not surprised by Superior Court Judge Ronnie Batchelor's decision to uphold the Gwinnett County Board of Education's ruling.
"I've done the best I can by myself," said Mallory, who argued her case without an attorney. "Perhaps we need a whole new case built from the ground up."


I certainly hope that Ms. Mallory has the conviction and fortitude to take on the Star Wars novels and their thoughtless promotion of faster than light travel.When we violate special relativity, we violate our children.

What is UP with Gwinnett County? They love 'em some censorship down there! :)