Archive Overload

Archive Overload Wayne Onkst of Erlanger, Ky., inherited a $10 million problem when he took over as the Kentucky state librarian in November.

By law, the state librarian is responsible for housing Kentucky's public records and archives. But the state ran out of storage space in 2005 and clamped a moratorium on accepting new documents.

Before Onkst arrived, state library officials decided the solution was to add 16,000 square feet of storage space to the Kentucky state library building in the state capital of Frankfort.


Microforms, digitization? Just a thought.

Sure some of the stuff needs to remain in its original form, but I can't fathom why the court records from 25 years ago can't be microfilmed or digitized. I mean do people really need to handle Aunt Sally's probate court file, or their drunk driving case record from 1976?

Another example of libraries not using technology such as digitization to their advantage.