Video on Demand From the Public Library


alh writes "The folks on Slashdot discuss new video on demand offerings at public libraries.

"In light of the recent story about Wal-Mart and movies on demand, readers should know there is a free service available from some public libraries that lets you download movies and tv shows. The service is just beginning, so selection is pretty mediocre, but the sponsors, Recorded Books and PermissionTV, make some big promises. If your library ponies up the dough for the top service, you will be able to download movies on the same day as their dvd release. All you need is a library card. You can see one of the early adopters Half Hollow Hills Community Library in the library's blog . Look for My Library DV.


We have this. We went in with some other libraries and got a group membership.

The content is pretty underwhelming, except for the premium services with the new DVDs and whatnot. Which costs a damn fortune.

You know, it works exactly like you think it would.

The site and the service are pretty slick though. It's good to have even the basic part, if you can afford it.