Libraries Aren't What They Used to Be

The Columbia Missourian reports: "Kathryn De la Rosa recalls hanging around Centralia's library at the end of the 1930s, when it was located on the city hall's second floor. Once, the librarian called De la Rosa's mother to check whether De la Rosa's book was age-appropriate.

"You don't get that in big-city libraries" said De la Rosa, now 73."

The library is now strapped for cash, and might have to limit hours, merge with another library or close.


Libraries are dying... Libraries, in effect, in its current state, ineffective, cost-ineffective, and irrelevant. Many people prefer alternate sources other than libraries.

Oh please - libraries aren't dying; they're just changing. True, books aren't as popular as they once were, but the library offers a lot more, and items like microfilm documents, books on CD, DVDs, computer games, and foreign language CDs/DVDs are used and checked out here every day. People may prefer finding their information on the interent to looking it up in a newspaper or an encyclopedia - but they want to be able to use the internet at their local library, and they want a librarian on hand to help them find the sites they need.