New Ruling on Media Copyright Works

Durst writes "Yesterday, the Librarian of Congress published a new rule in the Federal Register on six (count 'em) exemptions to digital copyright protection. Here's the story at Federal Computer Week or"


Arianna Huffington writes:
Comedy writers and lovers of the absurd all across America have a bounce in their step today, buoyed by news that President Bush is looking to raise half-a-billion dollars to build his legacy-burnishing presidential library.

The idea of Uncurious George building a $500 million shrine to his disastrous presidency is the political equivalent of a whoopee cushion; a veritable laff riot....since two hallmarks of W's administration have been an obsession with secrecy and a clamping down on the release of government documents, that part of the library might be a little vacant. Of course, this can be balanced out by the over 750 (and counting) presidential signing documents Bush has used to circumvent Congress and run the country by Oval Office fiat. Might take a whole wing to house all of those.

. . . I'm afraid this discussion is now over...Godwin's Law.

Wrong. Godwin's Law is an observation of behaviour, not a legislated compulsion or a natural limit. There is nothing to stop people from continuing to participate in the discussion except their own stupid reactionism. You may invoke Godwin's Law as a cheap, chicken-shit copout if you wish, but neither I nor anyone else is bound to forsake the debate.

Mr Fang,You're eloquent and correct.BUT as wicked and hateful as the Bushs are, let's be sure to give some credit to good old Bill Clinton and his fellow war mongers and baby killers in the Democratic Party, too. His policies on Iraq killed a half million children. Did not his Secretary of State, Mad Madeline Albright say the deaths of all those children was "worth it"? Offing a half a million kids ain't too shabby, from certain a murderous standpoint. When it comes to baby killing, Demos can *compete* with Repugs!

Thanks for that interesting link. In it I found this:

"William Mitchell, director for the Center for International Education at Baylor University, will discuss Waco’s bid for the George W. Bush Presidential Library at 11:45 a.m. Dec. 6 at the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum, 2801 W. Waco Drive.

Mitchell’s speech will discuss presidential libraries from a global perspective. Tickets cost $25 and include lunch. Reservations must be received by Thursday."

When it comes to baby killing, Demos can *compete* with Repugs!

Yeah, there is that, but I didn't want to divest Greg of all his illusions and show how close Democratic presidents can be to Republican presidents. Besides, Republicans love to hate Clinton for getting blow jobs; I suspect its because most of them couldn't even get dates.

Stand for what you believe, Greg? Then get off your ass, stand and walk down to the recruiting center and enlist. I did long ago and for a far less popular war than this. I'm tired of your tough guy pose, you fucking coward.
Now go read one of your comic books.

So only the enlisted vote?

Let me explain something to you 'Makhno' and to all the other children on this board. Everyone knows who I am, they know where I live, where I work, my email, my phone #. They can meet me at the ALA conferences if they choose or not. I'll be running for Council again so they can vote for me, or not. I'm not hiding from anyone and I'm certainly not just sitting around. I've had people contact my employers because they don't like what I say so I certainly know what its like to risk something important, if not my life then my career. So you'll excuse me if I don't fall over whimpering everytime one of you suggests I enlist. And while you're service, 'Makhno', is appreciated, the fact is at this moment you're the one hiding.

Once again, since you don't seem to be awake. I don't want you to whimper, I want you off your ass and actually doing something instead of trying to play the tough guy and then expect no consequences. It's simple and straightforward.

Now you may go and watch for the black helicopters, since you seem to think I have nothing better to do than to call your employer or whatever.

It's unfortunate that because so many people cavalierly toss out the Nazi comparison for any argument, the few times it's actually appropriate, no one takes it seriously.

It's similar to how people are so worried that mentioning impeachment will sound like petty payback when, by all accounts, W is far more deserving of an impeachment hearing than Clinton ever was.

It is immediately laughable, but only like a joke about cancer or race. You laught first but then you realize its not very funny. Building a 'monument' to someone who would have been impeached in a sane society or even possibly jailed or institutionalized, does have its funny side. We 'liberals'and 'intellectuals' like to reserve many of our protests to polite shaking of heads and knowing guffaws. This must make opposite parties who rely on action, infiltration, and even crimes against humanity, very secure. I hate to think when all of this will end. Hitler spent alot of money on hiring film makers, architects and musicians to install his name in history too. I think its ok to laugh at this point but if this starts to become a reality alot of us conserned with human welfare must drop our knowing nods and start to protest all the way to the plot of land this 'library' is to be built on.

Greg, you can make it easier on yourself if you post your email, home address (don't forget your zip code), phone number and especially your boss's name and extention here. If you do so, we promise to say at least one nice thing to your boss about you, even if the rest is highly critical. If not, well, you takes your chances...(Don't bother...Just joking.)In all seriousness, I think it is terrible anybody here would call someone's employer to complain about something they wrote. (Although Greg, it may be sort of your "karma" and inviting this sort of behavior when you say students should be tasered, as you did, for merely verbally bringing up the Patriot Act; what's good for the goose is good for the gander.)I wouldn't want to hurt or torment somebody simply because they said some political opinion I did not like, and complaining to somebody's employer is just another form of tormenting somebody who expressed political opinions one does not like, which is truly absurd. This is America, and we're supposed to be tolerant even of stupid, ill-informed and ignorant opinions, even most of Greg's, without having to resort to violence or hurting people.

The library being planned for him intends to buy scholarship that will spin his presidency into something it wasn't.

I like these observations by John Mashak in U.S. News:

Library planners will have to be miracle workers to put any kind of positive face on the occupation.

Bush's single-mindedness and steady intransigence on dealing with this situation have led the nation into one of its darker hours. It is nothing but horrific in terms of blood and treasure.

This library, wherever it is situated, should save a room to be dedicated to President Warren G. Harding. Historians in general have rated him our nation's worst president. He was blind to the corruption and scandals in his tenure.

For my mind, Bush is in direct competition with Harding for his handling of the war and in turning so much of the world against the United States.

. . . what do you stand for Chuck besides hiding behind those that can't speak for themselves?

Excluse me, Mr. McClay, but those who can't speak for themselves are those who need people like Chuck standing up for them the most. The closinging-in-on-three-thousand dead American servicemen -- ordered to their deaths by Bush; the some 655,000 dead Iraqi innoncents; and I could go on and on.

And kindly note, by the way, that it is not Chuck who is hiding behind those dead, but you and the Bush supporters who applaud this wholesale crime against humanity: the illegal war of aggression, the incompetent and failed occupation, the poisoning of the Iraq environment with American Nuclear (DU) and chemical (WP) weapons, and unexploded ordinance (cluster bombs) that will be killing Iraqis for years, decades, and centuries to come (in reverse order, of course).

By the way, Greg -- if you truly stand up for what you believe in, why have you not yet signed up to go and serve a term of your at baby-killing? Do you just talk big, or are you, in reality, simply soft on terrorism?

Well, Chuck, I couldn't compare Bush to Stalin because the USSR was actually fairly successful as closed country and I still don't know enough about what went on there; although there are those rumours about a fellow name Lysenko, and that episode certainly sounds a lot like Bush anti-intellectualism, but I had the citation for Ms. Kamenetski's work and I couldn't remember where I'd read about Lysenko.

However, if anybody has any well-formulated viewpoints that they think refutes my statement -- which is factual, by the way -- I'll be happy to consider them.

Maybe, I'll take that chance. I stand for what I believe, what do you stand for Chuck besides hiding behind those that can't speak for themselves?

you have to have arguments to win, that's why think tanks exist *on both sides of the aisle*, in fact that's why the Progressive Librarian's Guild and SRRT exist, to work on promoting certain issues. Bush knows the war in Iraq was the right thing to do, he's continued to make the case for it and he's willing to make his library about it. Good for him.

It does not at all surprise me that someone so obviously anti-intellectual would do something like this. In point of fact, there is a clear precedent for it, and which precedent draws another parallel between Bush the Baby-Killer and Adolf Hitler. In her book Children's Literature in Hitler's Germany: The Cultural Policy of National Socialism, Christa Kamenetsky points out how the book burning by the Nazis was actually beneficial to the German publishing industry because Hitler decreed that the burned books were to be replaced with pro-Germanic propaganda.

I am so sorry that Bush has proven to be such an embarrassment for you, America, but I am also embarrassed on my own account that this mountebank is a member of the human race.

Doesn't a half a billion dollars sound like a lot of money to house back issues of "Mad" and a bound collection of "Penthouse Forum"? I could do it for a lot less. What a shame.The Clinton Library? Now THAT'S a porn collection. On the cheap, too.

Thanks for trying to participate, but I'm afraid this discussion is now over...Godwin's Law.

"Bush knows the war in Iraq was the right thing to do, he's continued to make the case for it and he's willing to make his library about it. Good for him."GregS, for once you are really onto something! What you say reminds me of something Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist, wrote recently on his web site: "The George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas will serve as a perception management center that will work in tandem with the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University to hype the "good deeds" of America's most hideous and atrocious family."

Fang,Comparing Bush to Hitler? That sounds a lot like something Hitler would say.Did Hitler tell you to say that? That's what you and Hitler would do, isn't it?GOD! you are SO! like Hilter. You're Hitlerian. You're Hitlacious. In a circle of Hitlers, your name is mentioned.You're favorite song is "Hitler me baby, one more time."You wear a bracelet that says "WWHD?"

"Bush knows the war in Iraq was the right thing to do ... "
  - Greg McClayFrom The war dead of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. How is is right that these men will not get another hour older?Massachusetts 45
      Avon Fisher II, Donald E. Corporal 11-Nov-2005
      Bedford Hart, John D. Private 1st Class 18-Oct-2003
      Bedford Desiato, Travis R. Lance Corporal 15-Nov-2004
      Boston Kennedy, Kyran E. Chief Warrant Officer (CW3) 07-Nov-2003
      Boston Londono, Daniel J. Sergeant 13-Mar-2004
      Bristol Vangyzen IV, John J. Lance Corporal 05-Jul-2004
      Canton Cabino, Shayne M. Lance Corporal 06-Oct-2005
      Chelmsford Zabierek, Andrew J. Lance Corporal 21-May-2004
      Chicopee Maloney, John W. Captain 16-Jun-2005
      Dorchester Zayas, Edgardo Specialist 26-Aug-2006
      Dracut Boule, Matthew George Specialist 02-Apr-2003
      Fall River Bouthot, Michael E. Private 22-Apr-2006
      Fiskdale Booth, Joshua L. 2nd Lieutenant 17-Oct-2006
      Fitchburg Cayer, Geofrey R. Lance Corporal 18-Jul-2006
      Granville Fuller, Travis J. 1st Lieutenant 26-Jan-2005
      Groton Cunningham, Darren J. Staff Sergeant 30-Sep-2004
      Haverhill Schiavoni, Nickolas David Lance Corporal 15-Nov-2005
      Lawrence Raymond, Pierre A. Sergeant 20-Sep-2005
      Lynn Palacios, Gabriel T. Specialist 21-Jan-2004
      Malden Garvin, Edward M. Lance Corporal 04-Oct-2006
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      New Bedford Camara, Joseph Staff Sergeant 01-Sep-2003
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      Norwood Cahill, Joel E. Captain 06-Nov-2005
      Pembroke McPhillips, Brian Michael 1st Lieutenant 04-Apr-2003
      Pittsfield Allison, Glenn R. Sergeant 18-Dec-2003
      Plymouth Burgess, Jeffrey C. Lance Corporal 25-Mar-2004
      Princeton Sullivan, Christopher J. Captain 18-Jan-2005
      Randolph Arredondo, Alexander S. Lance Corporal 25-Aug-2004
      Raynham Oliveira, Brian Corporal 25-Oct-2004
      Rehobeth Sammis, Benjamin Wilson Captain 04-Apr-2003
      Salem Mejia, Benjamin E. Sergeant 31-May-2006
      Saugus Procopio, Scott J. Corporal 02-Apr-2006
      Seekonk Valdepenas, Eric P. Lance Corporal 04-Sep-2006
      South Dartmouth Enos, Peter G. Specialist 09-Apr-2004
      Springfield Johnson, Markus J. Private 1st Class 01-Jun-2004
      Springfield Babineau, David J. Specialist 16-Jun-2006
      Swampscott Raymond, Jared J. Specialist 19-Sep-2006
      Townsend Garvey, Justin W. Sergeant 20-Jul-2003
      Tyngsboro King, Paul N. Corporal 25-Jun-2006
      Unknown Wells, Stephen M. Chief Warrant Officer 25-Feb-2004
      Wakefield Bellavia, Joseph P. Staff Sergeant 16-Oct-2003
      Weymouth Farrar Jr., Andrew K. Sergeant 28-Jan-2005

Bush's institute will hire conservative scholars and "give them money to write papers and books favorable to the President's policies," one Bush insider said.

So at all the other presidential libraries they are paying scholars to trash the president that the library represents?

When your number is up feel free to go ask them, I'm sure they'll be able to explain it to you.

Greg,In the Next World I'm pretty sure the war dead are going to be a LOT more interested in having a word with you rather than me and I doubt handshakes and frosty chocolate milkshakes will abound.Call it a hunch.

. . . because so many people cavalierly toss out the Nazi comparison for any argument, the few times it's actually appropriate, no one takes it seriously.

There is that, and hence: Godwin's Law: When you mention Hitler or Nazis in an on-line forum, you've automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.

However, as I consider myself intelligent enough to not fall prey to such reactionism, I assume that there are others out there equally intelligent and who will not use it to duck the issues in a difficult discussion.