One Last Chance To Win A Renaissance Library Calendar

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 12/04/2006 - 03:29

Long time LISNews readers get all excited this time of the year because they know they have a good chance of winning a Renaissance Library Calendar!
The Renaissance Library Calendar 2007 is now available.

The Library on the front cover of the calendar is the beautiful
St. Peter Monastery Library in St. Peter auf dem Schwarzwald,
Germany, which was constructed in the Rococo style by architect
Peter Thumb, and dates from 1752.

The Renaissance Library Calendar is in its 7th year. The
2007 edition contains libraries from eight countries -
Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal,
the United Kingdom and the USA.

Everyone who suggests a story between now and Friday is entered to win! We'll be giving away a bunch, so you have many chances to win.The 12 historic and beautiful libraries featured in theRenaissance Library Calendar 2007 are:
    St. Peter Monastery Library, St. Peter auf dem Schwarzwald, Germany, 1752Members' Reading Room of The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1814The Law Society Library, London, UK, 1832The John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI, USA, 1846Ajuda Library, Lisbon, Portugal, 15th centuryThe Franciscan Monastery Library, Schwaz, Austria, 1507American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA, USA, 1812The Bolton Library, Cashel, Ireland, 1730Biblioteca Thysiana, Leiden, The Netherlands, 1653Wiblingen Monastery Library, Ulm, Germany, 1744The Feehann Memorial Library, Mundelein Library, Mundelein, IL, USA, 1929The Uffizi Library, Florence, Italy, 1720s
    Here's a brief note about each of them (St. Peter Monastery - see above)
    The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, USA,is a member-supported specialcollections library founded in 1814. It provides the Philadelphiaregion with a resource of first resort on matters of architectureand design history, particularly for the period 1800 to 1945.
    The Law Society Library in London, UK, dates from 1832. This is amembers-only library for the legal profession and is not open tomembers of the public.
    The mission of The John Carter Brown Library, founded in 1846,is to encourage scholarly research about early America from 1492to circa 1825. Designed in the Beaux Arts style, the library hasbeen located at Brown University since 1901.
    The Ajuda Library in Lisbon, Portugal, dates from the 15th centuryand was originally the Royal Library. It has been located in theAjuda National Palace since 1880.
    The Franciscan Monastery in Schwaz, Austria, was constructedbetween 1507 and 1515, so is 500 years old next year. The librarywas important to the brothers from the early days and its beautifulportal dates back to 1508.
    The American Antiquarian Society (1812) is the third oldesthistorical society in the USA. Its mission is to collect, preserve,and make available for study the printed record of what is nowthe USA from first European settlement through the year 1876.
    The Bolton Library in Cashel, Ireland, was founded and built asa private library by Archbishop Bolton in the 1730s. The librarymoved to its present home in the precincts of St. John theBaptist's Cathedral in 1837.
    Biblioteca Thysiana in Leiden, the Netherlands, was founded at thedeath of the young Leiden scholar Joannes Thysius in 1653. It isthe only Dutch 17th century private library, which has survivedintact in its original setting.
    Wiblingen Monastery Library is in Ulm, Germany. The impressiveLibrary Hall, designed in the rococo style, was the work ofChristian Wiedemann and dates from 1744.
    The Feehan Memorial Library (1929) at the University ofSt. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary is named in honor ofArchbishop Patrick A. Feehan. The spectacular interior of thelibrary building recalls the library of Rome's Palazzo Barberini.
    The Uffizi Library in Florence, Italy, was founded in 1791. It isnow located in the part of the Vasari buildings originallyoccupied by the Medici theatre - one of the most active theatresin Renaissance Florence.
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