CAP sites to be capped

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 10/02/2006 - 17:36

slashgirl writes "The initial story: 'Information leaked to the chairman of CAP Nova Scotia put Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library in overdrive Wednesday to try and save a popular Canada-wide program. "CAP is going to be 'sunsetted,' " said Eric Stackhouse, the region's chief librarian, of the community Internet program. Rumours that the federal government would cut the 11-year-old Community Access Program were confirmed for him when Industry Canada representatives cancelled a meeting Tuesday to discuss a program review. Industry Canada was supposed to review the program by the end of the month.' Article is here: In many areas, especially in rural NS, the [email protected] site is in the local branch library...and most of our branch libraries are small. I'm sure cutting the [email protected] funding will affect the Regional Libraries' ability to fund computer access in the future. This will impact rural Nova Scotians the most. I know that I used to use it a lot — before we got internet at home; and I was even using it this past spring & summer, before we got HS internet at home, so I could d/l large files. I think it would be a shame for this program to be lost. Two follow up articles: and: Here"