Studs Terkel & ACLU telco suit tossed

mdoneil writes "A lawsuit against AT&T has been dismissed by a Federal Judge in Chicago citing National Security.

The suit filed by the ACLU on behalf of Terkel and others who felt their rights were violated. Read more on it at Yahoo News , because I can't make this stuff no matter how hard I try."


I can see that it would be difficult to make up the concept that the government can prevent a court from considering a claim that a private company had engaged in illegal conduct, simply by saying "we won't say it's happened, we won't say it hasn't, but we have a universal Get Out of Court Free card that we'll play for the rest of your lives."

Oh, wait: You're not saying that it's unbelievable that the ACLU and Studs Terkel should think that they have a right to sue AT&T for violating Federal statutes? Nah, you couldn't be saying that.