Archive of JEOPARDY Questions for past 2 Decades

Search Engines WEB writes "How long have you been watching JEOPARDY .... - do you remeber as a kid, thinking "these people are so smart" - now YOU are the one so sophisticated and erudite - why not go back in time and see how you would have done on these same questions that seemed so esoteric way back when.... tml#gameindex"


I wish I'd known about this site a few months ago. It would have helped me study. Actually, the only thing I should have studied was game theory.Amanda (show air date June 21/06)

Nah, Amanda, you did fine on the show, and game theory wouldn't have helped you any. You were the only one to get Final right in your game, and you didn't pick up and Daily Doubles, so game theory was left out of the equation! --Robert K S, J! Archive

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