Library of Burned Books to Recall Nazi Barbarism


A German foundation plans to create a "library of burned books" to honor authors persecuted by the Nazis. In order to remember barbarism and victimization of authors, the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European-Jewish Studies in Potsdam is launching a "library of burned books." And even though the financing for the project has not yet been secured, its promoters are hard-pressed to keep quiet about the project."The point is to collect a selection of these titles," said Julius Schoeps, who runs the center and initiated the project. "This library should be on a few bookshelves and tour more than 3,000 high schools. We believe this is a type of living memorial, more important than one made of stone or iron."


Hey...WHY keep quiet about this project?Plenty of people would probably gladly donatecopies of their own books or even buy themand then donate them....IF and only IFall books are scanned and stored virtuallyin several "safe" locations...Of course it could always happen again...butthere is still something very powerful aboutrecreating a destroyed library!