Missing: 1 Library Cat


News Out Of Indiana where Libby the library cat has gone missing. Libby the library cat is not your average feline.

She is a therapy cat, delivering smiles to ill patients at area hospitals and nursing homes.. and a friend to students at South Putnam Junior/Senior High School in Greencastle.

"Libby is a friend to the students at school. She's a symbol for animal welfare. For many students who have a hard time finding anything positive about school, she is the positive thing. She is the reason they come to school..."Update: 04/22 13:43 GMT by B Kids are raising money to offer a reward for Libby's return.


My guess the person with violent allergic reactions to cat dander who resents not being able to use the library. I hope they find the cat and have the courtesy to find it a new home.

Jeez take a Benadryl and STFU. I am so tired of one person's problem changing what I can and cannot do.

Try getting peanuts on an airplane. Some moron who was allergic to nuts did not have the self control to resist opening the package of nuts he was given and now I can't have peanuts.

They do have treatment for allergies you know. Lets see 1 person seeing an allergist or a whole library full of kids being deprived of their therapy cat (whatever a therapy cat is - more new age nonsense. If the kids like the cat leave well enough alone). Gee, we wouldn't want one person to have to see an allergist so lets PO a library full of kids.

When I win the lottery I'm starting my own country and no one who thinks the world revolves around them will be allowed entry.

Yeah, come to think of it I would like to see all those handicapped accessibility requirements scrapped. Start your own F$#^ing library and stock it with cats if you want but allergies aren't a choice having a cat in the library is.

Having an allergy does not make on handicapped. I have allergies too, that is why I have Zyrtec, an epi-pen and an allergist.

If you don't like the cat don't pet it. Don't tell me having it in the same room is going to kill you because it is not.

This whole country is full of whiners, geez you sound like the French.

If your problems are that severe you really should see some type of doctor.

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