With books you may get chips


Jay writes: The Kansas City Star's "Local/Region"
section published a story about an innovative approach to monitor books within Kansas City libraries using wireless communication technologies.

The Kansas City and the Johnson County public libraries, like a lot of systems, are looking at putting Radio Frequency Identification tags -- a kind of computer chip with an antenna -- in books and other items that customers borrow. With RFID tags, checking out could be as simple as putting a stack of books on a special tray for a few seconds. Each book's tag would communicate wirelessly with an electronic reader, logging the book as "out" in the library's database.


People could track those books back to the people that have them and then people could know what books I have and then they could use my Mobil Speed Pass because that is based on RFID and then they could use my proximity card to get into the hospital that is my other job, then they can impersonate me and treat the patients and collect my check and then I would be out of money and have to spend all day in the libray looking for work.

Do you see why RFID tags are bad now???!!!111