Privacy? Why no I don't value privacy.

mdoneil writes "I had a nice sandwich from Subway this evening. They gave me a game piece for some promotion. I scratched the thing off and then went to the website as instructed to see if I won.

I never got around to entering the code number as I was offended by the data they wanted before I could find out if I won. Name and Address, well I guess that is OK, but birthdate... before I could even check to see if I won!

The privacy policy linked in tiny type at the bottom of the page is so full of holes it could be cheese for my sandwich. They can share the information I provide with affiliates... they note this after telling me how they will safeguard my informaiton... unless they don't.

The privacy policy even says it is less stringent than that required in companies in the EU member states. At least that is something that won't be offshored, crappy privacy policies. Then it ends with an arbitration clause so you can't sue them if they whore out your information.

The scary thing is the sheeple will fill this out hoping they win a free sandwich. We wonder why we have privacy anympre, because we freely give it away that's why.

I like Subway, but this stuff annoys me."


Notice the "Don't have a Fresh Resolutions Entry Code? Click here." on that page? I'm assuming that's the "no purchase necessary" thing in action.

Also reminds me of the old classic> campaign, an early internet meme.


That link is for people who don't have one of the scratch off cards. It is the 'no purchase necessary' escape hatch for the contest.

I did enjoy the link. I prefer the old cut could get more stuff in the sandwich.