Lawsuit: commissioners' ban of gay pride display "unconstitutional"


An Anonymous Patron writes "Activist and strip club owner Joe Redner on Tuesday sued Hillsborough County, saying a June 15 vote by county commissioners to abstain from acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride events is unconstitutional...

The suit also names six commissioners individually - Brian Blair, Ken Hagan, Jim Norman, Tom Scott, Mark Sharpe and Ronda Storms. Commissioner Kathy Castor, who voted against the measure and has spoken out against it, was not named. Redner argues that the policy violates his First Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution to receive information at local libraries. More here from sptimes.Adult entertainment impresario Joe Redner, a free speech and property rights advocate, sued six Hillsborough County commissioners Tuesday for voting to "abstain from acknowledging, promoting and participating" in gay pride events...
The lawsuit in Hillsborough Circuit Court seeks an injunction against the policy for violating constitutional free speech and equal protection rights.

"Too bad in your law school days you didn't learn about the First Amendment and content discrimination," the lawsuit quotes Redner as saying during the meeting in June when commissioners approved the policy.

His remark was aimed at Commissioner Ronda Storms, who proposed the policy after a few parents complained about a Gay Pride Month display at West Gate Regional Library. html"


strip club should not automatically be looked down on. Not that I know any.

Joe Redner has had a running battle with the Hillsborough County Commission for at least 25 years. This is just his latest attempt to annoy them. And if it proves successful, it might actually provide him with a court victory, something that I can't remember him scoring in the past.