Harry Potter loses out to Da Vinci Code according to The Worlds First Ever Extreme-Online Book Club!

Flemming Madsen writes "Harry Potter loses out to Da Vinci Code according to The Worlds First Ever Extreme-Online Book Club! After only seven weeks since its launch ConnectviaBooks.com, the world’s first ever online social network based on books, has created its own easy to use forum where people can go to chat about the books they have read.
The forum has proved an instant success and in a total reversal of fortune from global book sales, it is the Da Vinci Code that has got everyone talking so far with not one mention of Harry and his magic wand

The discussion board at ConnectViaBooks.com uses intelligent software in the sense that it guides users towards the discussions they are most likely to be interested in by keeping a regular watch on the reading lists that people place on their section of the site. Using this information the discussion board not only understands which specific books a user is interested in discussing but also the type, topic and style of books the user finds interesting.

It is not all modern day blockbusters that are listed on the site though, in the last few weeks users have chosen to discuss over forty thousand books across a range of topics. The books range from both fiction and non-fiction and include recent best sellers and classics to academic works, business books and travel guides.

Speaking about the new section of the site Flemming Madsen, the site founder, commented, "All readers know the feeling of inspiration and excitement that flows thought your body after having finished a great book". He continued, "We now provide readers with a great environment for sharing this excitement and discussing any detail of the book as well as the issues it raises".

In such a short time it is easy to see why the simple to use and independent site has already attracted over 1000 thousand users from around the globe.

In 21st Century terms ConnectviaBooks.com is an “Extreme� book club that encourages and empowers avid bookworms to register the books they have recently read and then find others who have read the same genre’s so as to allow them to find like-minded people. To join all browsers’ need to do is fill out the quick, free, online registration form and then they are ready to start listing the books they have read.

Finding the books is straightforward, as the site is linked to a major online book retailer so, all you do is type in either the name of the author, part of the title, or maybe even the ISBN number and the site then finds the book automatically for you so you can add it to the list of books you have read.

So far Dan Brown’s, Da Vinci Code, is storming ahead as the most listed book by visitors to the site, closely followed by Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point", Yann Martel's "Life of Pi", George Orwell's seminal "1984" and Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner".

The site's web address is: www.ConnectViaBooks.com

Editors Notes

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- ConnectViaBooks.com provides book readers with a range of facilities relating to books and social networks.

- Based on the user's lists and ratings of books they have read, users are connected with other users who share their taste in books or interests in the topics covered by the books. The site also provides and intelligent discussion forum that guides users to the discussions they are most likely to be interested in.

- Users can publish their booklists on their own website or blog as well as link to their booklists from their emails or anywhere else they choose. Lots of people use these links to show others what they are currently reading.

- Based on the book ratings provided by users who share your taste in books, the site also recommends you books that there is a high probability you will like.

- For more information and to see how easy the site is to use visit www.connectviabooks.com



the Pope won't read either one:)