Genitalia have free speech rights too ya know


GregS* writes "Its V-Day vs P-Day at NRO. I can't possibly say any more than that."


What issue is it about then, prurience? The celebration of V Day is about ending violence against women and girls. It's a lofty goal, but it's ok with me if someone wants to make fun of it.

Some people are so uncomfortable with human anatomy vocabulary, and imagery, that they ban things without thinking about the issues. There are many issues around women and body image. The Vagina Monologues addresses some of those issues.

I think censorship is the major issue in this discussion and the NRO article. I did wonder if the P Day activists followed University policies and procedures on protest. That would not necessarily defend the administration's stance in my view. But I did wonder, as an activist who ran afoul of those rules a few times in the dark ages.

There is a related current story about free speech at a Minnesota high school. Two girls got in trouble for wearing "I (heart) My Vagina" buttons to school. See for>.

I guess I am trying to say that the point of V Day and the Vagina Monologues is that we should all get over thinking there is something wrong with acknowledging the existence female genitalia. Maybe we need P Day and Penis Monologues, too, for real.

Actually it isn't otherwise people would be allowed to walk around with their own genitals hanging out, which they're obviously not. Not even in Canada. Imagine that.

The context is a public area and the public in general

Then the first amendemnt is in full effect and it doesn't matter if you don't like the speech or not.

The context is a public area and the public in general, doesn't matter whether its a town or college campus.

. . . if this is something you think you should not do or could not do then take a moment to ask why.

Context. I don't know just what it is with right-wingers and context; you get along with it about as well as Arthur Dent and Thursdays.

I was not lauding or objecting to anything. I find the entire situation bizarre. Looking at the different comments I'll say this to those who find nothing wrong with either the 6ft penis or vagina walking around campus:

Next Valentines Day I want you to get an encyclopedia on human anatomy and make copies of the genitals of both sexes. I then want you to give these copies to everyone you know according to sex, give the penis to women, give the vagina to men and say "Happy Valentines". Give them to your parents, your children, your co-workers, your neighbors, people you like, people you don't like, your doctor, your minister/rabbi/whatever. Give one to everyone, not just your close friends so you can giggle like a child over it, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

If you're not willing to do this, if this is something you think you should not do or could not do then take a moment to ask why.

This really isn't about censorship

Nice way to duck the issue there, Greg. Since you didn't say anything either about what you were lauding or objecting to, you can safely deny that you were saying anything at all. Ever consider running for public office?

If you're a fascist at least people know where you stand. They think you're a nutjob, but they know where you stand.

Think of this as social Darwinism

Naziism was social darwinism too.

Sorry, but I'll hang with>, and everyone else, on this one.

I'm sure you're familiar with Merriam>?

conservatives raising the level of discourse....

I'm with's a pretty funny response. I personally don't have a problem with big, never mind.

I wonder what Laura Bush's response to this would be. As a "Pro-Boy" Advocate, she should come down on the side of the Penis. After all, she is promoting a political stance where boys need to have more encouragement in academia- well, here's her chance to speak out.

      Also, as a professional librarian, I wonder what her take on the academic censorship issue would be. Sigh, My hunch is that she will play it safe (so as not to be confused with Hilary), and won't speak out at all.

      And that's a shame.

Actually, Anarchy, the political movement, is not the "absence of order". That is a common, and oft repeated, misunderstanding.

Actually, I thought it was sort of funny. Good for them. Satire, in all of its' forms needs to be protected and encouraged.

I am somewhat amused however, that one of the motivations behind the Penis Monologues is an attempt to stop the spread (if you'll pardon the pun) of the Vangina Monologues. Using free speech to put an end to speech? "The student activists opposed to V-Day will gladly cancel P-Day the moment the V-warriors abandon their vagina–fests."

And we know we're reading a truly Conservative publication when they opine:

"It is easy to understand why school officials would not want a six-foot phallus wandering around campus; nor why they would ask students not to paper the college with posters describing all the things it likes to do."

Well, no, actually it isn't easy. Why on earth, other than the obvious envy on the part of 48% of the population, should we care about a 6 foot phallus?

You're a self-described anarchist? How does one rationalize a desire for absence of order with the need to bemoan, if not legally enjoin, something upon others. Naturally the product of this chaos you seek from Big Brother is a tyranny of the majority.

Think of this as social Darwinism with a side-part and button collar.

This really isn't about censorship, that's just a bonus issue.

Pretending that left-wing censorship such as this somehow justifies all the right-wing censorship that is so much more commonplace is certainly an absurdity. What is the ratio, anyway? -- 40: 1? 50: 1? 100: 1? And lets take a look at some of those censorship movements. How many Democratic efforts have there been to curtail flag burning? A bogus debate if ever there was one. Especially in light of the already existent Supreme Court ruling that flag burning is protected speech. Or how about the wholesale efforts of the Bush regime to exterminate all scientific information about sexuality and replace it with religious dogma? Or the efforts of the Christo-fanatics to do the same for Evolution and the hard sciences. Yes, I can certainly see how the occasional left-wing censorship incident gives you all that self-righteous empowerment; a chance to jump up on your high horse and gallop madly off in all directions as if it proves that your kind of censorship is the right kind and left-wing censorship is the wrong kind. Too bad you just can't seem to get a grip on the idea that censorship doesn't care for left or right political leanings; that it is all wrong to the same degree. Even though I have already said so on previous occasions.

Oh, well.

sometimes the only way to point out an absurdity is to be absurd.