Sex offender arrested in ASU Library

ASU Web Devil Reports yet another sex offender was arrested at yet another library. A registered sex offender was arrested at Hayden Library, at Arizona State, on Tuesday after he allegedly fondled himself in a study area.


Come on, Blake, this is chickenshit bullshit. What do you mean "Yet another"? Take the number of libraries in the U.S., figure out how many visitors they have on average every year, divide by the number of persons arrested for "sex offences" during that year, and get the real proportion (in decimal notation) of sex offenders to non-offenders for yourself, and how many libraries actually have to deal with the problem during the course of a year. Also get the number of sex offenders as a group or categorized by level, or both, and divide those numbers by the number who get busted in libraries to further refine your research.

Then go to your own library and get this book and read it:

The Culture Of Fear: Why Americans are Afraid of the Wrong Things
Barry Glassner -1999
ISBN 0-465-01490-3
Dewey # 306.4 G549

Find out for yourself how the press is doing a really lousy job of reporting incidents such as this one and how and why they tend to get blown completely out of proportion.

Fie on thee, sir! "Yet another"? Nonsense!

Do you work in a public or college library Fang? I'll bet cash money that every librarian on this board who does has had to deal with some kind of predator at some point. The level of the threat may vary but they do exist.

Blake, how many sex offenders hang around the malls? Do a keyword search for "upskirt" and see how many returns that generates (1,270,000 at 21:23 EST). Every upskirt shot is, at least, an invasion of privacy and some are certain to be child porn by legal definition unless the dude with the button hole camera built into his sneaker tip goes after only older women.

Yeah, sure, there are perverts at the library. But you didn't tell me what proportion of visitors are perverts and how that compares to the number of perverts in the general population.

"sex offender" +"arrested" -"library" got 154,000 hits . . .

. . . "sex offender" +"arrested" +"library" got 24,200 . . .

That works out to a six point three six percent proportion. Keeping in mind that this is strictly a Fermi equation.

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