Florida School Committee Votes to Ban Lowry Book

Anonymous Patron writes "News From Lakeland Florida where Spook Hill Elementary's school media committee voted Wednesday to ban one of the six books by Lois Lowry that a parent found objectionable.

The book, "Anastasia Again," will be removed from the school's library and sent to the district office. The story, a chapter book for children 9 to 12, is the second in a series about the trials and tribulations of the title character, Anastasia Krupnik, a precocious preteen girl."


The book was banned because it mentioned beer, Playboy magazine, and because Anastasia, probably in a fit of pique, said she should kill herself. A statement almost certainly along the lines of: My life is over!

Banned because of beer, Playboy, and the protagonist feels put upon. And my friends wonder why I'm so cynical.

Actually, Spook Hill Elementary is in Lake Wales, Fl, as the site of the school is at the base of the world-famous Spook Hill. I attended a meeting once in that very same Media Center.