Reconstructed Libraries in Massachusetts


teaperson writes "The Boston Globe reports on library construction in Massachusetts, on the occasion of the reopening of the Concord Free Public Library (in the hometown of Thoreau, Emerson, and the Alcotts). That library actually raised all its costs itself, but the state has generously paid for a big chunk of renovations at 40% of libraries in the state in the past decade.

The Concord Journal also has a story with more color about the library but fewer facts."


My previous job was during the construction and opening of one and my current job started shortly after the project was finished.

Its definitly been a big boon to communities who have benefited. Of these two and others I've seen there's a massive difference between what they had and what they have now. I'd say the two biggest benefits are the meeting spaces that become available which brings all the other community organizations into the buildings and the modern wiring which allows for more technology, a lot more.

I've heard them referred to as Taj Mahals too, which is fair. They are big and look big. The challenge then becomes to justify the size. In my former position I was constantly having to explain that we wanted all those bottom and top shelves empty, its not supposed to be full for another 20 years! And then the flip side is we have all this other space for programming and for people to work on their own computers and...