Amazon offers flat rate shipping. (Amazon Prime)


On their front page Amazon has announced a new service called Amazon Prime. For a $79/year fee you get overnight shipping for $3.99 and two day shipping is free. Here is an article in Fortune about Amazon Prime. Another article at ZdNet.


The $79/year fee works out to $6.58 a month. Any of you considering joining?

I'd rather wait a few days and get free shipping, since I usually order over $25 worth of stuff.

I considered joining for about .00005 seconds, then I realized that I would not be saving any money because as another posted noted you can already get free shipping on USD25 or more, and visiting Amazon's site for me is like a druggie just trying to "visit" their dealer. I always spend money and more than I should.

There was some discussion on Slashdot about Amazon Prime and one of the people said they worked for Amazon. They wrote that you could use the free shipping to send gifts so you could mail to addresses other than your own.

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