Gone with the Wind blown off Australian Gutenberg server

David Rothman writes "Down in Australia, the local Gutenberg link for "Gone with the Wind" is--gone. The New York Times has the details. Let's hope that Larry Lessig and the EFF can leap into action and, IF it makes sense, get a test case going--lest greedy estates imperil the cash-strapped public domain movement with threats of suits. More at TeleRead."

Daniel Adds, this appears to be a new development in this story, which we covered on October 26.


How many people that would want to read "Gone With the Wind" would actually go to the Australian Gutenberg site, download the book, and then print it or read the whole thing on a screen. Not many. Some of those people that did that whole process would probably still buy a copy if they really liked the book. The estate of the author is really milking this one.