One Ohio Library Looks to Positive Side of Free CDs


While the thousands of free CDs that Ohio libraries have begun to receive, as part of a lawsuit settlement, has many librarians wincing, the Muskingum County Library System has chosen to look at it in the positive. The library received a shipment of 943 CDs as part of the anti-trust lawsuit.
"Without the settlement we got nothing. With the settlement we've added to our collection. I see it as a positive," said Blair Tom, library manager of customer service and public relations. Due to duplicate titles, space constraints, and the fact officials don't believe some titles will circulate, not all of the CDs will be added to the collection. Read More.


Ohio has been in a sort of tax-revolt, especially in terms of libraries. With Kent State University's School of Library and Information Science having the second largest head-count enrollment out of the programs cross-country, there are also plenty out of work librarians in Ohio (a population demographic I may be joining but not due to any KSU connection). Money is scarce for libraries. With the presentation of the idea of fund-raisers to fill in funding gaps, historically Ohioans trend to favoring that than actually paying any taxes. Hopefully the fund-raiser is not too popular. It may become all Ohio libraries end up doing while trying to make ends meet with taxation income declining.