Old Carnegie Library to become town hall

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 09/07/2000 - 13:48

The Argus Leader is Reporting The historic Carnegie Free Library building in downtown Sioux Falls will be a town hall for the public with some office space for city employees, the City Council decided Tuesday. Andrew Carnegie - The Bill Gates of the past.
More from the Argus LeaderThe former Carnegie library housed the fine arts center until the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science appropriated it last year. The building is nearly 100 years old.

Andrew Carnegie\'s gift to the city stands vacant, and the city\'s Board of Preservation has listed it among 10 threatened historic sites in Sioux Falls. The building has its place on the National Historic Register.

In February 1997, a recommendation was made by Mayor Gary Hanson to move the City Council offices to the Carnegie building.

\"It\'s fine as a town hall or council chamber,\" he said, during Tuesday\'s meeting.

The new resolution will give Hanson the authority to decide what goes into the Carnegie building. He said he would bring forth proposals for the City Council to examine.