Librarian of Congress Interview


Bob Cox sent in this Yahoo Interenet Life has an Interview with James Billington, \"the nation\'s chief archivist\". They cover whats going online, and where he sees the library heading in the future. Including the obvious and over-asked question, will we need libraries in the future?
-Life: Then why do we still need the brick-and-mortar -- or marble -- buildings?

Billington: A library will have material specifically related to the people in the community. There is an out-of-date view of libraries as mausoleums, but they are living and breathing and changing. In them are reference librarians to help individuals. In them gather people who have common purposes: to learn and explore an issue, to create a project. In addition, many libraries provide Net access. Two worlds come together in a library: the world that is out there on the Internet and books that are only a shelf away.

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