Steven M Cohen Movin' and Shakin'


No One writes about "'s

There are movers and shakers, it seems, in almost every field - even one as seemingly unlikely as a librarian. And if you haven't noticed, as we have, how the job of librarian has changed over the years, consider this: Long Island's representative on Library Journal's current list of 55 movers and shakers is there not for his ability in shelving books but for a Web log that keeps colleagues up to date on professional trends."


Congrats, Steven--but, good grief, the paper thinks librarians used to earn plaudits for expertise in shelving books?

That's what I was doing as a sophomore at UC Berkeley. Somehow, I never saw professional librarians (or even library technicians) shelving books.

Guess the 60s weren't the good old days either--you know, back when there were enough librarians around to make sure each book was professionally reshelved.

Ain't it great that journalists now have computers, and don't spend all their time sharpening pencils, carrying sheets of copy around the newsroom, and yelling "Hold the presses"?