News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments


From the start, Internet users have taken for granted that the territory was both a free-for-all and a digital disguise, allowing them to revel in their power to address the world while keeping their identities concealed.

When news sites, after years of hanging back, embraced the idea of allowing readers to post comments, the near-universal assumption was that anyone could weigh in and remain anonymous. But now, that idea is under attack from several directions, and journalists, more than ever, are questioning whether anonymity should be a given on news sites.

Full article in the NYT


When you are slagging someone off you can't be anonymous as there is a potential legal issue. They aren't saying that everyone bickering over the latest episode of House or The Simpsons should be made to tell everyone who they are.
Mind you theres ways round that as well, not like the system in South Korea where everyones login code incorporates your governmental ID number (hence how they will be able to stop under 18's from gaming all night).

On here though the reason I mainly post as anon is that the system doesn't automatically remember me, unlike most other sites I am a member of.