National Writers Union on Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book”

The NWU Online Activity Center has an open letter to National Writers Union Members on the “Search Inside the Book” program. They say although Amazon has disabled the ability to print the book pages
from Search Inside titles, it is very easy to extract discrete
information from books.

As more people get
broadband access to the Internet, looking up something on Amazon
may become widespread. What is more, pirating of entire books is
now childishly simple. All it takes is spending a little time on

The National Writers Union’s Grievance and Contract Division and
Book Division recommend that all book authors consider contacting Amazon with a DMCA complaint and contacting their publisher in writing.

They are also concerned that is reportedly considering
a book search feature, which they say might similarly infringe writers’
copyrights. They caution to keep in mind the need to
obtain permission from holders of electronic rights for
distribution of their works.