National Security Archive report on NARA reclassification

The National Security Archive at George Washington University has issued a report on the reclassification of long-available National Archives holdings by intelligence agencies:

The CIA and other federal agencies have secretly reclassified over 55,000 pages of records taken from the open shelves at the National Archives and Records Administration, according to a report published today on the World Wide Web by the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Matthew Aid, author of the report and a visiting fellow at the Archive, discovered this secret program through his wide-ranging research in intelligence, military, and diplomatic records at NARA and found that the CIA and military agencies have reviewed millions of pages at an unknown cost to taxpayers in order to sequester documents from collections that had been open for years.

National Security Archive director Thomas Blanton appeared on NPR yesterday to discuss the reclassification program. This article from last March provides some useful context.