More on the RNC /Sproul /Registration Scandal

Update: 10/22 15:57 EST by B:Additional coverage of the scandal in next week’s Library Journal .

Details are coming to light about Nathan Sproul’s PR firm (Sproul & Associates, an Arizona consulting firm that’s been paid more than $600,000 by the Republican National Committee this year), and his attempt to skew voter registration in libraries towards the Republican Party, particularly in swing states.

Here’s the story (long but fascinating) of one “Kelly Girl” (Lisa Bragg, 37 year old mother of two and loyal Democrat), hired as a temp to register voters in WV Independent Media via Salon (here you can read the article without watching a bunch of idiotic ads from Salon!) This is a follow-up on several articles previously posted here at LISNews where the so-called non-partisan registration drive claimed to be associated with a legitimate organization called “America Votes” but was in fact, not related and was in fact a project of Sproul & Associates (funded by the RNC).