More “Harmful to Minors” ignorance

Fang-Face writes “An Associated Press article at the First Amendment Center reports that people are lobbying the government for greater control over what private enterprise is allowed to market in video games. For my money, the article clearly demonstrates the slippery slope of fascism in action by showing how hypersensitive reactionary elements in society are not only opposed to real violence, but even violence by proxy. To quote from the article:

We have a PG-rated Star Wars where a child picks up a helmet and finds his father’s severed head in it, but because you don’t see any blood … it’s still a PG.

Funny, I didn’t see any severed head.

1: There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere;
2: The Taliban outlawed paper bags.

I find that this article also shows how, more and more, people are striving to abdicate their parental authority and their responsibility to give over to the tender mercies of Big Brother the raising of their children.”