Miscellaneous Consolidation Thoughts & New Bittorrent Access For LISTen

There is now access available for LISTen via Bittorrent. See: https://bitlove.org/lisnewsnetcasts/listen

I’m still in the process of considering various “de-Google” measures in my life. If I totally nuke my presence on Google it would wipe out the Google Voice line let alone the cool stuff that FeedBurner makes available like subscriptions via e-mail.

I do have a spare PAYGO SIM card lurking somewhere that could be used to partially replace the Google Voice line perhaps if I ever get this bit of software working on the SheevaPlug unattended which would then log received SMS like e-mails. We can pay about USD$10 for 250 minutes of international calling which helps us get guests on like Dan Lynch in LISTen #198. Then again, the only person in library land who has ever called the Google Voice number has been Blake so I am wondering if it would even be missed.

Ditching FeedBurner would be a little nasty to work out but that is but a fraction of the ways to access the programs. I would have to consider how to continue e-mail subscriptions in that instance. I wouldn’t have variable end-points but would have to live without at this point. There is a minimum of 40 subscribers who be impacted if all the FeedBurner feeds went away.

This will have to be discussed among the Air Staff further, I suppose.

Any presence I’ve had on Google Plus or Twitter has been well and truly nuked. It remains possible that in conjunction with “de-Google” consideration that other point of presence in the Web 2.0 world may be nuked yet too. Identica is the best way to locate me.

I am looking at IPv6 experimentation later this summer as this trail blazer and that trail blazer discuss. Who knows? I might set up a MediaGoblin instance or a StatusNet instance as a test.