Military libraries cut to the bone.

Anonymous Patron writes “A friend from a nameless military library in a nameless country has leaked that they are getting NO dollars for new materials. Books, magazines, etc. ZILCH. Apparently this is true for the military libraries worldwide.

“This year, because of cut-backs (even though the Defense budget was increased again), the library’s portion of AFLIS (Air Force Libraries & Information Services)funds has been reduced severely. Or rather, completely. AFLIS still pays for the databases (with some cutbacks there) and reference materials, but is not providing any money for subscriptions. Except, we are allowed to fund the core collection of subscription titles out of the Office accounts. Our total subscription costs is just a little over $8K, but we are not getting any of that. Normally we get around $8-12K and that just covers us, and allows us to purchase some needed non-fiction items to support the education efforts. Some, but not all. This year, we don’t get any of the $8K. And the offices get $20K total. (Amounts vary for each base, depending on its size and number of office accounts, so the smaller bases will have it even worse, and may not have any money available to even pay for the core subscriptions.)””