Meta Search + Invisible Web + Virtual Librarians = Wondir!

So I was reading through This One over at SearchEngineWatch, somewhat interested in a new Googly/AskJeevesy looking thing called, Wondir and thinking to myself that we don\’t need another search engine, and thinking this has already been done, but then I got to the part that says Wondir will be an open source project, and then I said \”Great Googly Moogly,\” they might be on to something.

Wondir is currently ramping up to begin alpha tests of the service, and is
seeking help both from volunteers and from sources interested in
sponsoring the effort.

How Wondir is Different.

\”We\’re aiming to fill a void that\’s not there,\” said Koll. \”Expert
services don\’t really address the universality of trying to integrate all
these different kinds of sources into the answer.\”