Meghan McCain Writing Patriotic Bio of Dad

Love what the NYT says on the subject: “With just a few days left until Father’s Day, way to make us all look bad, Meghan McCain.”

McCain just finished writing a flattering children’s picture book about her father’s life [no Ron Reagan she], set to come out just as her father accepts the Republican nomination in September.

The book illustrated by Dan Andreasen, follows Mr. McCain’s life from his childhood as a Navy brat up until the Republican National Convention in September. Ms. McCain deals delicately with some of the less kid-friendly topics, such as his 5.5 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. “He didn’t get the right kind of medical care for his broken bones, and the food was really bad,” she writes, accompanied by a somber drawing of Mr. McCain, looking apprehensive if not scared, sitting on the floor in a bare corner.

“We really focus on what he learned during that period,” said Mark McVeigh, an editorial director at the Simon and Schuster imprint Aladdin.