Massachusetts cuts talking book libraries’ funding

Rich writes Monday’s Boston Herald reports that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wants to cut thousands of dollars from two talking book libraries.
The Governor is seeking to cut $100,000 from the $2.2 million funding at the Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library and $18,000 from the
$390,000 program at the Worcester Talking Book Library. “Steven Rothstein, president of the Perkins School for the Blind, said less money means fewer books for fewer people. Thousands of people used the library each year, but he estimates 150,000 aren’t being served.”

“We understand that behind every dollar is a person and unfortunately we had to make cuts to serveral agencies,” Roy said. “And we’re glad this one wasn’t as servere as it could have been.”

“It’s sad to see he has money to go out and lease a Cadillac and he decides to make a cut in books for the blind,” said Bob Hachey, president of the Bay State Council for the Blind.”