Looking for Answers Online [And Missing The Obvious]

Over at LifeHacker Thursday Bram says the internet is all about information, but sometimes it can be hard to sort out the answer you really need from the celebrity gossip and gadget rumors. You can email your question to friends and family, read Wikipedia articles until your eyelids droop, or even post your question to your blog. You still may not find the answer you’re trying to find. But there are some websites that are all about answering questions — it’s just a matter of taking advantage of the folks who happily hang out, just looking for questions that fall into their expertise.

Luckily, the second comment is “A great, authoritative resource you seem to have overlooked is calling, emailing or IM-ing your local public library for answers. Not only are they authoritative, but they’re FREE and can even help you frame your question. “