Looking at the iPad from an ebook reader’s perspective

Here’s a quick review of the iPad. I’ve had it for a few days now and, based on what I know so far, it isn’t going to be a very important part of my life. It has great capabilities, but it has real limitations. The capsule summary is “not as good for straight text ereading as a Kindle; fabulous for visual stuff like movies and pictures and games (which I don’t play) but limited there by not supporting Flash.”

So far, I’ve watched a movie (using the Netflix app here might be the biggest payoff here for me with it, but I’m usually not big on movies out of theaters), gotten books from three platforms (Kindle, Kobo, and, of course, the iBook store), grabbed the Elements book-app (cool…). I also got a Vook (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), which was enough for me to see “not my cup of tea.” Maybe others on other subjects will be different…better. This one was both just not appealing (a clip introducing John Barrymore embedded in the first page of the story) and defective (a bunch of links that don’t work.)

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