LOC James Billington’s commencment address for Jones Intl U webcast available

mdoneil writes “The Librarian of Congress, Dr. James Billington gave the commencment address for Jones International University. It is available here.

What is remarkable is that Jones International University is a distance learning school, accredited by NCA, it offers all its programs at a distance. The graduation was about as nontraditional as you can get, it was online the graduates were not there.

The rest of their page was interesting too, the reception was an asynchronous discussion board. The list of graduates and their profile was quite interesting.

As librarians we provide services to distance learning students and it is remarkable to see how the old and new meld in this online graduation ceremony.

Dr. Billington starts at ~6 minutes in, but I suggest listening to the Chancellor’s remarks are they are remarkably complimentary toward libraries.”