LISTen: An Program -- Episode #204

This week's episode presents a news miscellany. As to the fate of LISTen #203...we'll address that another day. Please bear in mind that there has been a de-Google incident which has resulted in there no longer being FeedBurner feeds, delivery of the podcast via FeedBurner e-mail, or the Google Voice line previously mentioned. The podcast masthead has been updated to reflect the changes that occured on Friday. Direct Download Link: Ogg Vorbis Audio Related links: WEWS: NewsChannel5 meteorologist Mark Johnson shows frustration for Miami Heat's win during forecast Kim Andrew Elliott: "Taking Canada's voice off the world stage." Slate: We Don’t Need More Scientists—We Need Better Ones PC World: Chinese Operators Hope to Standardize a Segmented Internet IETF Network Working Group Draft: DNS Extension for Autonomous Internet(AIP) Inside HigherEd: When University Presses Fail PC World: Twitter Downplays Downtime CBC News: Twitter user who taunted blogger must be ID'd: court PCMag Digital Network: E-Book Borrowers Scarce at U.S. Libraries Pew Internet and the American Life Project: Libraries, patrons, and e-books INFODOCKET: Pew Internet Releases New Report: “Libraries, Patrons, and E-books” O'REILLY radar: Publishing News: Penguin goes back to the library The Register: FATTIES are DESTROYING THE WORLD, scream mad professors -- Reiterate call for everyone to become Hobbits AP News: Ohio candy thief targets mostly peanut butter cups

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