Library struggling with havoc of latchkey kids

Anonymous Patron writes “A South Carollina article from the Camden Chronicle Independent reports The Kershaw County Library deals with 30 to 40 middle school students with no place to go between the time school is out and the time their parents come home from work every day.
While many of the children are respectful of the library and the people who use it, the staff said, a growing number of them are not. Neighboring businesses and property owners have also complained of the noise the children make as they gather on the library grounds. The library staff said patrons trying to read or study are often disturbed by boisterous, loud, talkative children inside the library. Magazines and other library properties are ripped, defaced and destroyed, they said.

While staff of the public library said they don`t want to turn away school children from the library`s doors, they come to what they said is an unavoidable conclusion: The library is not a day care.”