Library Mosaics will end with next issue

robg writes Library Mosaics, the only print magazine for non-MLS holding library staff, will stop publishing after the next issue. The November/December 2005 issue will end a 16-year run of the California-based publication.

Publisher Ray Roney cited rising printing and distribution costs, along with falling advertising revenues as the main reasons for closing down the journal.

“We have struggled against the bottom line as long as we could because we believed in the magazine’s value to support staff around the world,” Roney was quoted as saying in a message on the Libsup-L email list on September 22.

“The absence of Library Mosaics will leave a void for the library support staff profession,” wrote Wendee Eyler in the message.

Ms. Eyler is the editor of Associates, the only other journal focused on library support staff issues. Associates, an entirely electronic journal, now bears the responsibility of being the sole voice for the library technician and support staff community.

The passing of Library Mosaics is truly unfortunate in this too often undervalued field. The library technician and support staff community owes a debt of gratitude to the folks at Library Mosaics for their hard work in bringing us this journal over the years.

My hope is that this loss will bring to the fore the need for more library technician and support staff publications.

Library Mosaics will be missed.”