Library Juice and the “blog people”

The current issue (8:6) of Library Juice has an neat essay by editor Rory Litwin, Library Juice and the “blog people”. Rory has some interesting things to say about what sets Library Juice apart from LISNews, and the rest of the blog people. He says Library Juice though not a blog, borrows some of the attributes of blogs while it can still make a claim to be a part of the world of publishing. Rory runs Libray Juice completely differently that I run things here, and lists several good reasons his work there is clearly not what we think of when we say blog. It’s also interesting to see he says his work is more like a blog than it is like a traditional serial in a number of other ways.
Interesting reading on what sets apart sites like Library Juice and Cites & Insights from sites like LISNews and Library Techtonics. Library Juice, more civilized than the blog people, more fun than the publishables!

So, while I honestly don’t consider Library Juice a blog, I think I have to admit that I am one of the blog people.