Library Clerk Quits Over Offensive Magazine – Gets Support from City Officials

According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, \”a former Willowick, OH Public Library circulation-desk clerk quit her job in protest over the library\’s refusal to remove the February issue of Talk magazine, a monthly publication that focuses on politics, culture, and entertainment.
Julie Sbrocco was offended by a cover photo of actress Heather Graham in a low-cut dress, and two side-view snapshots of nude women included in a story about the pornography industry, according to the March 10 Cleveland Plain Dealer. Fearing children might see the magazine, which is displayed in the adult section, Sbrocco said she didn\’t believe in intellectual freedom without responsibility,the newspaper reported. The library has refused to remove the magazine, citing First Amendment protections.\”

\”Sbrocco complained to city leaders and has received some support. City Council President Richard Bonde told the Plain Dealer while the library is not expected to take on a parental role, we still don\’t condone the magazine. Councilman John O\’Donnell vowed to campaign against the library\’s next levy renewal if the magazine is not removed,\” the newspaper said. [more…]