Library 2.Uh-Oh

Anonymous Patron writes “The folks at Library Journal seem to be trying oh so hard to be very cutting-edge and trendy. Take a good, close look at their home page and you’ll see blogging, talkback, all manner of boxes and buttons, and lately, what seem to be many “news” stories about vendor products, presumably a cheap way to romance advertisers with free content as an inducement to spend more on display ads…at the expense of editorial integrity.

Best, though, could be the RSS feed they must be mighty proud of. Just enter into your feed reader and you’ll quickly, easily and conveniently get the latest library news aggregated at the click of a mouse…with the most recent one dated March 12, 2007!!

Nobody at the all high, mighty, trendy and opinionated LJ has bothered to update the RSS feed in almost six months. Nice, huh?”