Libraries with WiFi hotspots around the world

Godfrey Oswald writes “How I love the increasing number of services libraries have been introducing
over the last 2 decades.

In the very begining libraries provided us only
with books and periodicals, then in the 1980s they started providing us with
access to CD-ROM databases on computers, as well as allowing us to rent
videos to watch at home. In the late 1990s came computers with Internet
access (for us to check our e-mails and browse the web), and DVD movies to

Imagine this scenario, you are at your local public library typing your
project on your laptop or reading a book, and suddenly you need to check
your e-mail or browse the web, but the library’s computers with Internet
access are all fully booked or in use. The solution is to use the WiFi
Hotspot in the library (if it has one of course!)

Starting from late 2002 (first in the U.S.) libraries began to offer WiFi
Hotspots. Initially only university, college and special libraries around
the world offered WiFi Hotspots, but around middle 2003, a number of public
and national libraries also began to offer WiFi Hotspots.

I am now compiling a list of libraries and bookshops with WiFi Hotspots.
Please e-mail me details of any library or bookshop you know that has a WiFi

The website listing libraries and bookshops with WiFi Hotspots
is at: